Every single year, I make some resolution or the other. Sometimes, it’s about being healthier, sometimes about reading more, sometimes to take the company to a certain revenue.

This year, I am not planning to have any resolutions.


Because almost all my past resolutions have been impulsive decisions taken on things I’ve chronically procrastinated on.

There is no difference if the resolution is taken on the 1st of January of 21st of June.

Every time you don’t move on a given goal, you start hurting your own self-image. Hurting the self-image is a lot worse than not achieving the goal.

So, I am taking an alternate approach this year.

Like every year, I am writing down the things I want to achieve this year.

This has to be followed by who do I need to become to achieve the goal. I will explain this with an example.

Last year, we took up a revenue goal of certain INR/month revenue. Great thing is, we managed to achieve it, but we could sustain it only for two months. Then we went back to our regular monthly revenue.

It was because we were not prepared to sustain that goal, UX Gorilla had to become something to go further than that.

So, I’ve learnt that it’s not about what your goal is. It’s about who you need to become to achieve the goal.

Once you become that, achieving the goal is much easier.

For example, if your goal is to get 6-pack abs and you’ve been struggling to go to the gym for more than a week. Your first goal should be to become a disciplined person.

I am not talking about being disciplined with the gym, I am saying becoming disciplined about ANYTHING.

You can choose to be disciplined about making your bed, filling up a journal or anything which is simple enough but requires you to be disciplined.

Once your discipline muscle builds up, you have this opportunity to be disciplined in much harder things — including going to a gym.

So in a nutshell, the approach is to set some big lofty goals. Find out who you need to become to achieve the goal. This should be followed by finding the easiest things that you can do to become that person.

My experience with this framework has been much better than a simple goal setting.