So months after getting the domain and setting up a blog, I am sharing my first update. Well, this ain’t really an update since I’ve never posted before.

Anyway, let me try.

Starting with a personal update…

I recently moved beyond the identity of a developer and started calling myself an entrepreneur.

Previously, a lot of things that I used to consider work were the day-to-day development stuff. Right now, I am becoming more of a manager and a sales person. E-Myth Stuff!

I’ve worked a ton on getting clarity on my life purpose, mission and a ton of other fancy stuff in the last 10 months. I owe it to myself to put up a blog at the end of this year.

Changing your identity is a huge thing, believe me. When I say changing your identity, I do not mean changing your Linkedin headline or taking up a different role in the company.

Changing the identity basically meant becoming a different person altogether. For good or for bad, time will tell. I’m happy about it.

Sadhguru Jaggi once said, whatever you’re deprived of becomes your greatest goal in the state of deprivation.

In 2018, I felt deprived of a sense of purpose and that became my biggest goal. Today, I have a sense of purpose thanks to the constant questioning and guides like Jagriti, Paritosh and Amit ji.

So, now some business related updates.

Some good stuff: We’ve finally come to a brand positioning statement that I am actually excited about. It needs a couple of iterations for proper ironing, but it’s something that I am looking forward to achieving.

Spoiler: A good bit of focus is on lean development and design.

I have an opportunity to work with a client and help them set-up development culture that produces great result. Something that I wanted to do almost forever.

My experience of setting up a tech-team was great at CodeMyMobile as well as UX Gorilla, and I’ve learnt a ton along the way. So when I get the opportunity, I will be super grateful to have the chance to help a team of talented people find ways to build products effectively, together.

Finally, we’re right now looking to hire a sales executive, content writer and a project manager. Know someone who can be a good fit? Please reach out to me —